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Navigating Humanity Towards a Sustainable Future

The Pacific Worlds Institute is affiliated with the non-profit Pacific Worlds Indigenous-geography education and cultural preservation project. Begun in 2000 with funding from the Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities (HCH) and Pacific Resources for Educational Learning (PREL), Pacific Worlds presents a portfolio of community profiles in the Hawaiian Islands and Micronesia.

Each of these profiles describes the history, geography, culture and contemporary issues in the community, as told predominantly by the inhabitants themselves. This differs significantly from the old ethnographic approach in which a scholar does the speaking, and produces insights into Indigenous understandings that differ significantly from Western ways of knowing.

We at the Pacific Worlds Institute provide training and education to help you grasp non-Western knowledge systems, so you can navigate the terrain of combining traditional and modern sciences into a holistic approach appropriate for the people and place in which you are working.

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