Education & Training

Navigating Humanity Towards a Sustainable Future

We offer different types of education and training programs to meet your needs:

Orientations: These are single presentations of 45 minutes with and additional 45 minutes for questions and discussion. They are intended to introduce the audience to a single topic to provide a general orientation to the ideas and issues involved.

Workshops: To go deeper into a topic, workshops can run for as little as a few hours to half-day, full-day or even two-day experiences. These workshops engage the participants more directly with interactive or hands-on experiences.

Courses: When you need a traditional education on a particular topic, we can provide online or in-person courses of a length tailored to your needs.

Immersion experiences: The best way to understand and connect with Hawai‘i is to get your feet on the ground in an actual community setting, working with local people on a project while getting informal education and participating in traditional protocol. 

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