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In the Hawaiian Islands, where Pacific Worlds is based, the indigenous people have suffered 200 years of Western influence and a century of direct occupation by the United States, resulting in enormous loss of land, cultural practices and traditions, access to resources, and language.  U.S. citizens coming here from the continent have driven up land prices and fostered an individualism is anathema to traditional Hawaiian values.  Pacific Worlds is working to mitigate against both of these forces.

First, we are working with experts in law, history and cultural traditions on an initiative that will encourage large land owners to place Native Hawaiians back on the land.

Second, we educate new residents regarding traditional rights of access to land and sea resources. This is a common feature of Pacific Island cultures where resources are finite, but unfamiliar to many continental peoples who bear a strong sense of private property and exclusiveness. Through our webinars and educational programs, we aim to inspire this important ethos of island living.

Beyond these specifics, we offer additional webinars and in-person trainings to familiarize visitors and newcomers with Hawaiian culture and traditions.  Hawai‘i’s status as part of the United States is legally questionable, an issue of which everyone should be aware. Moreover, the history and culture here is very different. Newcomers who transplant their continental thinking and attitudes here help erode the unique culture and identity of these islands and their peoples. Through our on-site facility in Mountain View, Puna, Hawai‘i Island, we introduce newcomers to this history, as well as the unique native ecosystems, traditional farming, traditional medicine, and the language, protocols and traditions behind them. 

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