Classroom Presentations

These presentations introduce students to the fundamentals of understanding our island home: the physical environment, traditional culture, and historical transformations.

We recognize that A‘ole pau ka ‘ike i ka halau ho‘okahi, that all knowledge does not come from one school. What we present is just one aspect of the greater whole, and can supplement other learning materials.

Physical Environment:

  • Mid-Oceanic Volcanism: the formation of the Islands
  • Shaping the Islands: Erosion and Reef Growth
  • Shaping the Land: Island by Island
  • Climate, Water and Soils
  • Ecosystems and Living Beings
  • Natural Hazards and Safety

Traditional Hawaiian Culture:

  • Oceanic Navigation and Land-Finding
  • Canoe Building: Oceanic Science and Technology
  • Ahupua‘a: Traditional Environmental and Resource Management
  • ‘Āina Momona: Making the Land “Fat”
  • Ho‘oponopono: Conflict Resolution


  • The World Meets Hawai‘i: Voyagers and the Contact Era
  • Changes in the Land and Peoples: Impact and Legacy of the Plantations
  • Understanding Hawaiian Sovereignty

Cost: $125 per session.

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