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For those who want to know more about
the Hawaiian Islands:

Perhaps you are planning to visit here. Perhaps you are thinking about moving here, or have recently moved here and realize things here are not like where you came from. You are coming to a different place—as foreign as a foreign country in many ways. These islands are culturally and environmentally unique, and you will appreciate them more—and be better received by the host culture—if you learn some basic information about what makes this place special.

To enhance your knowledge and appreciation, we offer series of webinars specially honed for the uninitiated. Entertaining, enlightening and fascinating, these programs will excite you about the magnificence of these islands, their environments, their history, and the Indigenous culture that is intimately intertwined with the sustainable management of this fragile place.

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The Unique Physical Environment:

Hawaiian Culture:

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We bring together Western science and Oceanic tradition to help visitors, new residents and outsiders become more familiar with the Islands, giving you surer footing to navigate situations and conduct yourselves appropriately and effectively.

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