Teacher Workshops

The Pacific Worlds Project presents a portfolio of in-depth, interlinked community profiles about communities in the Hawaiian Islands and the American Pacific, as told by community members themselves. With these community profiles comes a curriculum for teaching and learning about “Indigenous Geography.” The aim is to understand these cultures in their own terms, while being able to compare and contrast with Western-knowledge approaches.

These two-hour workshops, held in a computer lab or via webinar, introduce teacher to the intention, methodology, and design of the project. Teachers then spend time navigating the website to familiarize themselves with the content and how it is arranged. Finally, we engage with the curriculum and explore how it can be used, including modifying it to serve specific teacher goals.

We also welcome input from teacher-educators and others on new ideas, designs, exercises and improvements.

Cost: $250

Please contact us for more information, or to provide input.

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