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Making your organization function in the unique physical and cultural environments of the Hawaiian Islands can be tricky. Whether you are a business, a government organization, or the military, some targeted education for your organization can help you avoid false steps that can set you back.

We offer two different types services to meet your needs:

Staff Education and Training Programs

Cultural Heritage Documentation

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Orientations: These are single presentations of 45 minutes with and additional 45 minutes for questions and discussion. They are intended to introduce the audience to a single topic to provide a general orientation to the ideas and issues involved.

Workshops: To go deeper into a topic, workshops can run for as little as a few hours to half-day, full-day or even two-day experiences. These workshops engage the participants more directly with interactive or hands-on experiences.

Courses: When you need a traditional education on a particular topic, we can provide online or in-person courses of a length tailored to your needs.

Immersion experiences: The best way to understand and connect with Hawai‘i is to get your feet on the ground in an actual community setting, working with local people on a project while getting informal education and participating in traditional protocol. 

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