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The Pacific Worlds Project began in 2000 as a cultural documentation, preservation and education project for schools in Hawai‘i and the American Pacific. While that compendium of community profiles continues to expand and, along with its curriculum, provide a unique educational resources for teaching about Hawai‘i-Pacific cultures from the points of view of community members themselves, we also provide direct engagement with teachers and students, both to use that project, and to work with classes to gather, process, and present place-based cultural heritage about their own ahupua‘a. Our work serves a number of State of Hawai‘i Education Standards.

We are pleased to be part of the Nohona Hawai‘i program to serve Hawai‘i public schools in providing ‘ike Hawai‘i programming. We offer the following services:

Teacher Workshops

This two-hour training demonstrates how educators can use the Pacific Worlds Project and its curriculum for classroom purposes. This requires a computer lab. Learn more and read reviews of our teacher workshops.
Cost: $250

Classroom presentations / Webinars

45-minute presentations (plus Q & A time) on a variety of topics regarding Hawaiian culture, history and environments.
Cost: $125 each

Student Documentation Projects

We will work with classes to gather, process, discuss and present culturally specific, place-based information about their own ahupua‘a. These can be 1-hour, half-day, full-day, or longer term (e.g. semester-long) projects.
Cost: $125 (1- hour); $400 (half-day); $750 (full day). Prices are negotiable for longer-term engagements.

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