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The Pacific Worlds Indigenous Geography Cultural Documentation, Preservation and Education project is a web-based educational initiative that presents an interlinked portfolio of community profiles. Pacific Worlds works with elders and culture keepers in selected communities to present place-based cultural, historical and environmental knowledge as told by the community members themselves. The project includes a curriculum for teaching Indigenous Pacific-Islander culture and geography, and has included teacher workshops that help educators use the project.

Indigenous educators have recognized that there is a gap between preserving and maintaining traditional knowledge and cultural values, and the internet/computer technology environment that has come to dominate modern society.

Bridging this gap would both make cultural education and preservation more effective, and show the relevance of modern technologies to traditional ways, thereby hopefully inspiring young indigenous people to take interest in both. For Pacific Islands, the distances that connect these entities makes it even more imperative that a multimedia program focusing on indigenous cultures be available to foster and nurture a Pacific consciousness and pride.

It is also clear that for indigenous peoples, the land and physical environment are the bases of culture and traditional knowledge. A project engaging with these cultures must be rooted in the land and sea. At the Pacific Worlds Institute, we recognize that this indigenous environmental knowledge and understanding is also a storehouse of vital information. Our project thus aims to preserve and promote these distinct ways of knowing, and to foster their vitality.

We aim to work with Native educators to produce new and better curricula for teaching Pacific Island cultures. Read more….

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